Deferred Action Applied to UK NHS to Understand Organisational Learnign and Knowledge Management [February, 2010]

Dr. Nandish Patel’s research student Frank Nyme-Asiamah is investigating the effect of emergence on organisational learning and knowledge management in a UK National Health Service Hospital. The aim of the research is to propose a practice framework to help the design of organisational learning management programmes using information and communication technologies.


Web-based deferred systems

The idea of deferred systems as a design process has been applied to Web-based IS by Mark Ramrattan, Nandish’s phd student. This research will be presented as a poster at the British Council’s Going Global 4 international education conference, 24-26 March 2010, London’s Victoria and Albert Mueseum.

The Meaning of Deferred Information (Systems)

Welcome to Deferred Systems Design. My research is on applying information technology to organisations. The result is the idea of deferred systems. This idea is appealing to researchers and managers in companies and the NHS. You can access my publications at Brunel University Research Archive